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O.F. Nelson Properties Limited is seeking ‘Expression of Interests’ from individuals, organisations or institutions here and abroad for the purchase in whole or in part of its 1000+ acres property called  ‘Letolo Plantation’ located in Palauli Savaii. The well-known property has featured widely in number travel and academic publications. The property’s key features include rainforests, waterfalls, and pristine views that would lend itself to a variety of endeavours such as hospitality, agribusiness, real estate development, research facilities, etc. 

The Request for Expression of Interests will close 31 December 2021.

The Opportunity

Letolo Plantation is one of the few remaining large freehold properties in Samoa, making it one of the most valuable properties in the country. It has been a main fixture for local residents and tourists for many years, particularly in regards to its waterfalls and other features such as the Pulemelei Mound (Please note that given the historical value of the Pulemelei mound to Samoa that will not be part of any land sale, but part of a separate management arrangement for the benefit of Samoa). The Plantation has added advantages over other similar properties in that it has natural rivers (namely two ie Seugagogo and  Faleata rivers) flowing through its land areas and the high elevations in some areas give it wide excellent sea views across to Apolima and Upolu islands. The plantation property comprises of 5 major contiguous blocks of various acreage and locations and 1 oceanfront area.

For many years, Letolo Plantation was one of the largest beef producers on the island supplying shops and markets across Samoa. It also had massive coconut plantations producing copra for the market when it was viable to do so. However, all previous endeavours have not fully realised the property’s full economic potential.

For example, because of locality and natural features, the property could be the centrepiece for a boutique hospitality project that would draw thousands of visitors. Its underutilised land resources would be equally valuable as a centre for a large scale agro-business to supply local and overseas markets with products such as organic fruits, vegetables, flowers or other products.  In the right hands, the potential new owners could greatly influence and shape the economic future of the region or create a private oasis for his or her personal enjoyment.

Country Information - Beautiful Samoa

Source: Samoan Tourism Authority

Proposed Sale

Letolo Plantation is owned by the O F Nelson Properties Limited, the company is considering divesting itself of this asset in whole or in part. In view that it is conducting a Requesting Expression of Interest from individuals, organisations or institutions to ascertain an appropriate market interest as well as provide the best possible use for a historical asset. The company reserves the right to enter into further discussions with any REOI submissions it deems relevant to this purpose.

Submission Requirements

Expression of Interests will close on 31 December 2021.
Interested individuals, organisations or institutions should use the following link to complete an EOI form below before deadline.

Please note that all submissions will be treated as confidential and only completed EOI forms will be considered.


O.F. Nelson Properties Limited reserves the right to accept or decline any submission. Also, acceptance of an EOI submission does not constitute an obligation or commitment by O.F. Nelson Properties Limited to sell to the submitter

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O.F. Nelson Properties Limited is a duly registered company with the Independent State of Samoa’s Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour. The company’s current Board of Directors could be contacted on through [email protected]

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